Mrs. Shirley Miranda, M.Ed. 
Courses: Statistics 1-2, AP Statistics, AP Computer Science , Computer Science: Robotics, Computer Science: Experiences
UCSD COMSOS Cluster 1 – Computers in Everyday Life


Mrs. Miranda is an alumni of Morse High School, graduated from UCSD with a B.S in Computer Engineering and USD with a Master’s of Education in Curriculum and Instruction. She worked as a software engineer creating business and web applications. Due to her continued work with the Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair (GSDSEF), where she served as Director for 17 years, Mrs. Miranda decided to switch careers to teaching. She is taught at Morse High School where she continuted to be a Tiger.  Currently, she teaches Computer Science: Experiences at Kearny’s Engineering, Innovation and Design School.  She is also the TK-12 Computer Science Resource Teacher and Education to Employment (E2E) Program Engineer in which she create computer science experiences based on university and industry partner work.
She strives to make learning meaningful by tying in real-world situations and incorporating technology. She also served as Junior Class Advisor and AP Stats Club Advisor. In her “spare time,” Mrs. Miranda enjoys spending time with her young daughter and husband by going to the San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld as well as cooking, baking (especially cupcakes and cake pops), watching television and writing. She loves singing along to Disney songs and musicals.  Her favorite shows include NCIS, Castle, Top Chef and Cutthroat Kitchen.


In March 2008, she filmed her walk-on role (which she had won from a NUMB3RS DVD signing event) for the NUMB3RS episode “Checkmate” (Season 4, Episode 14). It was one of the best experiences of her life and enjoyed hanging out on the set. It aired in April 2008.


In June, 2011, she released her first novel “Falling”.  It is the first book in her young adult series entitled “Bits and Pieces” (http://www.facebook.com/BitsAndPiecesTheSeries) and can be found on Amazon.com (http://amzn.to/nQ9WeS) for the Kindle and in paperback.  A preview of the book can be found on her author website http://shirleymiranda.com.  “Winter Solstice” and “Wintering” her second and third books were released in 2012.  The fourth novel, “Springing”, was published in 2013.  The series is about the power of friendship overcoming obstacles.  If a novel (or show) has a main teenage character who enjoys school, English class is often the preferred subject.  In “Bits and Pieces”, the main character, Liz, enjoys science and computer science class.  She is currently writing her fifth novel.


In the summers, she can found at UCSD’s California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science (COSMOS –http://www.jacobsschool.ucsd.edu/cosmos/) where she works as a Teacher Fellow for Cluster 1 “Computers in Everyday Life”.  She also served on the COSMOS Advisory Board.


Additionally, she served on the GSDSEF Board as Vice President, Operations (2001-2016) the COSMOS Advisory Board and the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair Advisory Council.  She also served a term on the Computer Science Teacher Association Board.


She loves to be involved and help students at multiple levels  She is a strong advocate of students pursuing the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields.  Currently, she is an Advisory Board member of the All Girls STEM Society – a non-profit organization co-founded by Veronica Tang (a high school student) to provide FREE engaging workshops to girls in grades 3-8 ranging from robotics to biology to math.


Recognition and Mentions:


“Math is more than formulas and equations. It’s logic. It’s reasoning. It’s using your mind to solve the biggest mysteries we know.”–Charlie Eppes, Numb3rs

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